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Sirens Big Band
« on: April 26, 2013, 09:32:58 AM »
Sirens Big Band

Excerpt From Their Site:
Sirens Big Band brings a new sound to the big band setting: 17 instruments weaving lilting African, Middle Eastern and Latin rhythms together with instrumental jazz. The Sirens Big Band is a 17-piece all-female ensemble, co-led by Sydney musicians, and recent recipients of the Jann Rutherford Memorial Award, bassist Jessica Dunn and saxophonist Harriet Harding (pictured above).
The Sirensí sound comes from a repertoire gathered from global inspiration and local roots, exploring the works of Australian contemporary jazz composers Linda Oh, Judy Bailey, Jeremy Rose, Zoe Frater, Laura Kahle, Nadia Burgess, and Jenna Cave as well as the bandís original compositions. With a strong focus on improvisation and an outstanding line up including soloists Ellen Kirkwood, Loretta Palmiero, Monique Lysiak, and Ruth Wells, the band offers a unique musical experience.
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Re: Sirens Big Band
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